sobota 3. března 2012

Busy week

Heeeey , I'm sorry that I didn't have time to blog. This week was super busy. On Tuesday, my school had prom and then after party (in Plovárna) , so I danced a lot. All night I enjoyed, but the next morning I had to get up for school and it was very very bad. Sorry (again) but I don't have much of photos from the ball, actually only one, where we are with friends in a little mood :D. Too bad, because it was difficult to pick a good outfit especially the dress . Well, maybe next time. Then I wasn't at home so I couldn't post anything. Finally on Friday I was on an amazing walk around Prague. I started my tour form the Prague castle (you can see in the logo of our blog) and ended at the Charles Bridge. It was really great! And what about your week? What did you do ? :)


Some photos from official facebook site of obcanska plovarna)
I love this place!

and finally my small Prague "tour" :)

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