středa 1. února 2012

Ma queen

Good morning guys!

As you know these blog is about me and L. I wanted to kind of describe her. Who is she for me and..Well, I'll start :)
L. is the one that will help you no matter what, no matter when you need it: at 2o'clock of the day or 2o'clock in the morning. 
She loves smiling(which is stunning).  I'm sure you'll never meet such a positive, crazy and funny girl as she is. She very unique, clever and talented! 
I can't imagine my life without her now..She's the bestest of the best in this whole world. She is amazing but the most incredible thing is: she is my bestfriend and that she does the best :) I can't image better friend. I think I'll never find person which will have so much in common with me. We have that unbroken connection and I believe it won't ever broke.
I could write here infinitely about her so I will better stop.
P.S. I want to thank you ma queen, I love you so so so much(even more) and thank you for everything you are doing for me, I appreciate it. mpuahh :*

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